By Suhayla Ibrahim


Photo: Edeline Lee SS17

When we think of fashion week, we think New York, London, Milan and Paris. To me no city has a fashion culture as unique as London’s.The city  is rich with a creative buzz and diversity unlike any of the others. I’d say that this diversity is what drives the creative spirit that really shows itself during events such as London Fashion Week.

So, what have we seen so far this season from this crazy city? Firstly we have been waiting in great anticipation for those bigger, more established brands such as PPQ or Topshop Unique who have so far not disappointed and can only be described as electric. We are yet to see what Milan and Paris bring but we are already seeing statement prints, geometric shapes and colour. One big change for this fashion week is that you no longer have to wait 6 months to get your hands on your favourite pieces from the shows. You can literally buy them as you see them on the model. This is a huge change for the industry as the 6 months of production has now been cut out. We are yet to see the implications of this.  

In terms of the younger, up and coming and newly established brands we have been seeing amazing things. Simone Rocha, for instance, was one designer who had an amazing show at southwark cathedral. The already iconic photograph surfing social media of the angelic catholic school-girl-esque models waiting to walk down the aisle shows just how intriguing this show was. Other exciting designers such as Shrimps and Phoebe English also had really great shows featuring their unique and distinct styles.

A presentation that had a lot of buzz was that of Edeline Lee. This collection popped with colour and shapes. As always, it gave a youthful hit to elegant tailored looks. Edeline Lee showed us that sandals and socks are the next big thing. Glittery socks, that is. Another designer who created more than just an atmosphere at his presentation was Omer Asim, where from the very beginning you were drawn in by the aura and the clothes. The mocking of the henna pattern on the feet of the models was an interesting addition to the piece which linked back to the designer’s Sudanese roots. This coincided well with the playfulness of the tailoring and made for an atmospheric piece of art.

As London Fashion Week comes to a close we are yet to see what the rest of europe has to offer for next season. The vibrant and diverse designers here have been amazing and have already given us so much inspiration and nostalgia for past decades.